One tiny, two-letter word can make a HUGE difference in how you eat according to a new research study by Dr. Brian Wansink of Cornell University. For years the diet industry has made a living off of telling people what not do to like “don’t” eat sugar and you “shouldn’t” have fat. Intuitively, we know that this is ineffective. This type of advice seems to ignited the inner rebel in almost all of us.

In Wansink’s study, 43 research articles were reviewed. He looked at the positive (do) vs negative (don’t) messages. The researchers found that participants responded much better to “do” messages like eating healthy foods than instructions on what “not to do.” Fear simply does not motivate people well. Instead, focusing on the benefits and gains of eating healthy eating work wonders according to this study.

Listen mindfully to your inner voice. Notice whether it is wagging it’s finger saying, “no no” or encouraging you to step forward and “do” something healthy and nourishing for yourself.

My advice for today:

  • DO eat slowly
  • DO eat more fruits and vegetables
  • DO nourish your body
  • DO eat until you are satisfied
  • DO savor each bite

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