The Best Ways to Support A Friend/Significant Other Who is Eating More Mindfully

Do you know YOUR love language? You can use this chart to help your family and friends give you the ideal support when trying to eat healthier.

5 Mindful Languages
Adapted from the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

Have you read The Five Love Languages? It is one of my favorite relationship books. It helps you to know what makes you feel loved in a relationship (with a friend or significant other) and how to show the person you are with that you care about them in the way they understand and speaks to them. Interestingly, we often speak a different language than our significant other. We give them what we ourselves want—not necessarily what works for them. The key to support—figuring out your friend/significant other’s ideal language.

The 5 Love Languages is a great model for thinking about how to help and show care to someone who is trying to eat healthier and more mindfully. Let’s face it. That is not an easy task. We need all the encouragement we can get. Use the chart above to help you identify what you would want from your friend/significant other and how you can best support others. Feel free to pass along this chart.

Overall, my advice is to be mindful of what you need. Know your language and communicate it clearly to those who love and support you! They won’t always get it “right” and that is okay. Carefully choose those who have good intentions at heart.

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