Best Foods For Stress Eaters*

See @DrSusanAlbers on TikTok for explanations on why each food is helpful

for stress & emotional eaters

Most RECENT TikTok

Part 1:  Mandarin Oranges
Part 2:  Pistachios (in the shell)


Sweet Chili Flavor

Salt & Pepper Flavor


Part 3:  Pepperoni Sticks

Vermont Smoke & Jerky Sticks

Cilantro Lime

Sampler Pack

Honey Mustard Jerky

Vegan Jerky

Part 4:  Cinnamon

Cinnamon (Spice)

Cinnamon Tea

Hot Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Capsules

Part 5:  Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Dry Roasted

Part 6:  Brazil nuts

2 Kiwi a day
Part 7:  Chickpeas

Sea Salt

Smoky Chili Lime


Dark Chocolate Chickpeas

Part 8:  Tart Cherries & Tart Cherry Juice 


Tart Cherry Juice Powder

Tart Cherry Supplement

Part 9:  Black tea

Part 10:  Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Powder

Dried Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Extract

Part 11:  Breakfast Cookies

Ingredient:  Justin’s Almond Honey Butter

Seven Nuts Combo

Pre-made version of a breakfast cookie (not my recipe)

Part 12:  Lesser Evil Popcorn  (MY FAVORITE)

Himalayan Pink Salt


Avocado Oil

Part 13:  Mushrooms
Garlic Honey

Part 14:  Concord grape juice

Part 15: Hippeas (chickpea puffed snacks)

White Cheddar (Vegan)

Bohemian BBQ


Part 16:  Chamomile Tea

Tazo Chamomile Tea

Sleepytime Extra

Part 17:  Bean Chips


Four Flavor Variety Pack

Spicy Nacho

Black Bean Chips

Part 18:  Hint Water

Variety Pack

Hint Water Peach

Air Fryer & Dehydrator & Grill

Air Fryer (the one I have)

Ninja Blender (Love this!)

Dr. Albers’ Books

Hanger Management

50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food

50 MORE Ways to Soothe Without Food

Eating Mindfully

Eat, Drink & Be Mindful Workbook

But I Deserve This Chocolate

EatQ (NYT Bestseller)

Eating Mindfully For Teens, Tweens & Young Adults

The Very Hangry Caterpillar

Mindful Eating 101:  A Guide For College Students


Shopping List

Mandarin Oranges

Pistachios (in the shell)

Pepperoni Turkey Sticks


Pumpkin Seeds

Brazil nuts



Tart Cherries & Tart Cherry Juice 

Black tea

Pomegranate Seeds

Breakfast Cookies

Lesser Evil Popcorn


Garlic Honey

Concord grape juice & red grapes

Hippeas (chickpea puffed snacks)

Chamomile Tea

Bean Chips

Hint Water

*These products are NOT endorsed or sponsored by Dr. Albers.  They are links to foods she discussed in her videos.  Please investigate each product & their reviews to determine if they fit your own needs.

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