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Dr. Oz

Dr. Albers joined Dr. Oz to talk about comfort eating and mindful eating.


Good Morning Minute of Mindfulness With Dr. Susan Albers!


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Shape:  The New Rules of Hunger
US News:  How to Eat Intelligently (and Enjoyably) Over the Holidays November, 5th 2013

Good Housekeeping: Good Housekeeping November edition!  p.89

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Dr. Albers in Happinez Magazine (article in Dutch).  She is planning to attend the

Het eerste Happinez festival smaakte naar meer. Ook in 2013 komt er een Happinez festival waarin je Happinez met al je zintuigen kunt ervaren.

Het festival wordt gehouden op 6, 7 en 8 september, bij Fort Voordorp in Groenekan (Utrecht).  Read HERE:  2013 maart – Happifood


Gayle King on OWN, Oprah network, will interview Dr. Albers


October 2012


Dr. Albers is named a Healthy Eating Hero by Cooking Light Magazine, December 2012 edition.  p. 60-63.









Details Magazine, quote in the November 2012 edition p.115 Can Man Live on Fruit Alone?

Shape Magazine, quote in Oct 2012 edition

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Dr. Albers pictured and quoted in magazine-ww(click here!) Women’s World Magazine, Emotional Eating tips 9/24/12

Quote in Women’s Health Magazine, September 2012    

Quote in Marie Claire August 2012 edition, page 200

Quotes in Magazine 15 Excuses for Not Eating Healthy 5/27/12  People Pleasers Pack on the Pounds  5 Tips for Overcoming Emotional Eating

Redbook. Dr. Albers’ Mindful Eating Plate and website are featured on p. 24 of the April edition

Wall Street Journal.  Quote by Dr. Susan Albers in Is Your Personality Making You Put on Pounds? by Melinda Beck

CNN Health.  Quote by Dr. Susan Albers  Can Mindfulness Curb Overeating? by Anne Harding