Successful Mindful Eating Strategy! New Infographic (Download)

“>Check out this new infographic which gives you a quick and easy way to insert mindful eating into your life. Remember the word GAP. There is a brief “gap” between each bite, where you can insert a moment of mindfulness. In that moment, you have the power to make a conscious decision.


G Game-Changer! Recognize that this moment could change everything. You have the opportunity to choose your next move right NOW!
A Ask yourself: Am I satisfied? Am I no longer hungry? Why am I eating?
P Power! You have the power to make a choice. Continue to eat or stop right here. If you are hungry, that is find, eat! If not, investigate what feeling or situation is prompting you to eat.

Feel free to share this infographic! Download a copy here.

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  1. March 21, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    I am a personal trainer and health coach. I’ve recommended your books and tips to many clients, with much success!! In addition, I’ve been volunteering at a women’s homeless shelter in DC for the last 7 years, and part of my program is teaching mindful eating. I love using your materials and I was about to order your 20 PROFESSIONAL HANDOUTS. However, I’m disappointed that all of your graphics feature white skinned people. If you want to reach a diverse audience, why don’t include more inclusive graphics and photos – including people of color, people of uncertain genders, obese people, trans people, disabled people etc?

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