Top 50 Mindful Eating Sites of 2014

Top 50 Mindful Eating Sites of 2014


Welcome to the top Mindful Eating Sites of 2014. The top blogs were chosen based on a number of criteria including:

  • sharing research-based, practical information on nutritious eating
  • tips for ending emotional eating
  • advocating approaches other than fad dieting
  • sound psychological strategies for ending mindless eating and developing a better relationship with food

These sites were chosen by, a website that has provided information on mindful eating since 2001 by Dr. Susan Albers, psychologist and author of six books on mindful eating including the books, Eating Mindfully, EatQ and 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, an early pioneer in the field of mindful eating. These are not ranked in a particular order. They are all stellar examples! Thank you to the individuals on this list who work hard to change our relationship to food!

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  1. Summer Tomato – Darya Rose earned her Ph.D in neuroscience from UC San Francisco. Summer Tomato offers healthy eating tips for those who believe that life should be awesome.
  2. Green Mountain Fox Run – In 1973, Thelma Wayler took over an empty dorm at Vermont’s Green Mountain College to found the country’s first and only residential weight loss program exclusively for women. A visionary, Thelma knew diets didn’t work almost forty years before the idea became accepted as it is today.
  3. Fooducate – Created by Hemi Weingarten, Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor, helping people make healthy food choices for their families. Fooducate’s nutrition app is available online and for iPhone and Android mobile devices.
  4. The Center for Mindful Eating – Is a web-based, international nonprofit that created the Principles of Mindful Eating. purpose is to help professionals, institutions and the general public implement the principles and practices of mindful eating.
  5. Am I Hungry – Michelle May, M.D., CSP, a physician, mindful eating expert, and recovered yo-yo dieter empowers others to take charge of their lives and end chronic dieting and overeating without deprivation and guilt.
  6. Kelly McGonigal – Kelly McGonigal, PhD, is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University, and a leading expert in the new field of “science-help.” Her most recent book, The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It (Penguin 2012), explores the latest research on motivation, temptation, and procrastination, as well as what it takes to transform habits, persevere at challenges, and make a successful change.
  7. Dietitians Online – Dr. Sandra Frank is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist. Her website is dedicated to helping people understand nutrition better.
  8. Everyday Mindful Eating – Sophie has a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition and a postgraduate degree in Dietetics. Her website is all about cultivating a comfortable, enjoyable and sustainable relationship with food through mindfulness-based practices
  9. Edible Goddess – Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, Creator of the Chocolate Goldies & Chocolate Gold, and author of multiple raw food and natural beauty recipes books. Her website is about helping every health-conscious woman to be the best version of themselves and provide continual inspiration to do so.
  10. Karen R Koenig – Karen R. Koenig is an author, eating coach and expert on food, eating, weight management, eating disorders and emotional eating. Her blog is a the distillation of her very best advice and suggestions to heal your eating problems gleaned from her own recovery and 30-plus years of clinical experience.
  11. Nutrition Stripped – McKel started Nutrition Stripped to share my passion about nutrition, wellness, and years of experience with coaching clients one-on-one.
  12. Alexandra Jamieson – Alexandra Jamieson has been seen on Oprah, The Final Word, 30 Days and The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble. She was even featured in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. Why? Because Alex has proven herself to be a wise and profound voice for holistic nutrition and healthy living. In her newest book, Women, Food & Desire (Gallery Books, 1/6/15), Alex offers remarkably sane – and tasty – advice on how to embrace your cravings, make peace with food, and reclaim your body.
  13. EdBites – This website is dedicated to sharing the latest information on eating disorder science
  14. Eating Disorder Recovery – Joanna Poppink is a licensed psychotherapist since 1981 in Los Angeles, California. She is also an author and lecturer. She created her site to provide help and support to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.
  15. Too Much On Her Plate – Psychologist, emotional eating coach, success strategist and mentor Dr. Melissa McCreery uses her expertise and years of training and experience to help women break through the unhelpful static and identify what’s really driving their hunger.
  16. Rachel W. Cole – Rachel’s work in the world is all about guiding women to trust their hungers and feast on their lives. As a life coach, retreat leader, and women’s empowerment expert Rachel lives to share the wisdom and tools that have helped her and her clients to find peace with food, love for their bodies, and truly fulfilling lives.
  17. Rebecca Scritchfield – Rebecca Scritchfield is a Washington, D.C. based registered dietitian and fitness expert specializing in helping people build healthy lifestyles through her work in nutrition counseling, professional speaking, and media communications. She uses her personal blog for sharing her thoughts, experiences, and opinions as a nutrition, exercise, and wellness expert.
  18. Geneen Roth – Geneen Roth’s pioneering books were among the first to link compulsive eating and perpetual dieting with deeply personal and spiritual issues that go far beyond food, weight and body image.
  19. Chow & Chatter – Rebecca Subbiah is a registered dietitian in both the UK and the US with a wide range of experience in different clinical areas. She started her blog” Chow and Chatter” in 2008 – which quickly transformed into a healthy recipe blog. Through blogging she has become a part of the International food blogging community and mastered the skills of social media using twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogtalk radio, You Tube and other mediums to connect with her niche and have fun.
  20. Ingles Markets – Leah McGrath – Ingles self-distributes its stores’ merchandise from its distribution center on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, where its headquarters is also located. The distribution center is strategically located adjacent to Interstate 40 and in close proximity to Interstate 26. To facilitate its high standards of quality and freshness, the company’s highly efficient warehouse and distribution center is within 250 miles of Ingles’ 200+ retail stores.
  21. Evolving Stacey – Stacey Hoffer Weckstein is a travel, spa, and spirit junkie… on a mission to shift the consciousness + happiness of women (especially moms) around the world. On her blog,, Stacey shares stories about her evolving life – body, mind, heart, children, and soul. Stacey believes in the power of great women gathering in circle (online and in person)… shift happens, support shows up, and ideas emerge, and lives evolve in ways that wouldn’t and couldn’t happen if we were all alone.
  22. Keri Gans Nutrition – Keri Gans is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Spokesperson and Media Personality with a private practice in New York City. She is the author of The Small Change Diet (Gallery, March 2011), a Past-Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Past-President of The New York State Dietetic Association.
  23. Plant-based Dietitian – Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., C.P.T. , also known as The Plant-Based Dietitian, is a passionate advocate of the miracles associated with following a whole food, plant-based diet-the established effects of which provide positive healthful benefits.
  24. Nutrition Facts – Dr. Greger is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. On the Nutrition Facts website there is information gathered from the world of nutrition-related research and as published in scientific journals.
  25. Dietitian Cassie – Cassie is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian, health coach and fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I am passionate about helping people establish a balanced lifestyle and leading by example. She founded Dietitian Cassie to debunk diet rumors, myths, and fads and to teach people how to use the combination of real food and exercise to live a balanced life.
  26. Melanie Greenberg – Melanie Greenberg a California-licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral, Integrative (Mind-Body) and Emotion-Focused approaches.
  27. Mindful Meals Blog – Lauren Fowler, RDN, LD, CLT In order to obtain my RD/RDN* credentials, I graduated with a BS in Dietetics, Nutrition, & Food Science from the University of Vermont and completed a 11-month Dietetic Internship through Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Her website is dedicated to helping women ditch diets, feel good in their bodies and find vibrant health.
  28. Dr. Peeke – Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally recognized expert, physician, scientist and author in the fields of nutrition, stress, fitness and public health.
  29. Nutritious Life – Keri Glassman – I was born to be a nutritionist. Yup, it’s that simple. When I was in 7th grade science class I said to my friend Amy, “I’m craving almonds, my body must need vitamin E.” Yes, I was a dork. No, I had no idea what vitamin E was! I didn’t have a clue as to what I was really talking about (don’t worry, I do now!) but I clearly had an innate interest in nutrition and the body.
  30. Ashley Koff Approved – Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian. She believes better nutrition is simple and is on a mission to help people achieve their personal health goals by providing simple but highly effective tips and strategies.
  31. Brain, Body, Beauty – Dr. Romie Mushtaq is a traditionally trained neurologist and an expert in the field of mind-body medicine- a branch of medicine that promotes the science behind mindfulness based techniques. She is a national mindful living expert and a certified yoga and meditation teacher.
  32. Kathy Freston – Kathy Freston is a New York Times best-selling author with a concentration on healthy living and conscious eating.
  33. Dr. Frank Lipman – Dr. Lipman received his initial medical training in South Africa, qualifying in 1979 and emigrated to the United States in 1984. He became board certified in internal medicine after serving as Chief Medical Resident in his final year of residency at Lincoln Hospital in New York City.
  34. Jill Weisenberger – As a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified diabetes educator with a master’s of science degree in food science
    and human nutrition, Jill Weisenberger is your resource for all things nutrition, food and diabetes. Her no-nonsense approach to eating well includes foods that both taste good and are good for you.
  35. Neily On Nutrition – ennifer received her M.S. in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. She found her calling during her dietetic internship and after graduation was employed for seven-years as a clinical dietitian by Dallas’s Parkland Memorial Hospital.
  36. Win The Diet War with Dr. Nina – Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst who helps people lose weight without dieting. Dr. Nina provides a fresh and new understanding about what triggers bingeing and compulsive overeating. If you or someone you love has an unhealthy, unhappy relationship to food, she can help!
  37. Heart Tuneup – Steven Masley, M.D. is a physician, nutritionist, author, speaker, and award-winning patient educator. He has devoted his medical career to the study of heart disease and aging, and has published significant research on these subjects in leading medical journals.
  38. Lean Green Bean – Since the mid-1990’s, people all over the world have been losing weight, experiencing more energy and putting years back on their life by “Alkalizing & Energizing” with InnerLight™. Click on any of the links from this page to learn more about how you might benefit from the InnerLight philosophy and product line. And when you use this site to purchase directly from the manufacturer, you’ll be receiving the best pricing available to the public.
  39. Skinny Taste – Gina Homolka – What originally began in 2008 as an idea to marry my two passions, great food and beautiful photography, Skinnytaste was born and has developed into a highly rewarding labor of love reaching over 2.5 million unique visitors monthly. At, you’ll find healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor that can be found in their full-fat origins. My creations must be both “skinny” and “tasty” because after all, this is the same food I cook on a daily basis for friends and family, and they are some of my toughest critics!
  40. Mindful Practices for Living – Donald Altman, M.A. LPC, is a psychotherapist, award-winning writer, former Buddhist monk, and teacher. An adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, he teaches a class on “The Contemplative Dimension in Education and Counseling.” He is also a faculty member of the Interpersonal Neurobiology program at Portland State University and teaches various classes blending mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology.
  41. Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practices with Jon Kabat-Zinn – Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. is internationally known for his work as a scientist, writer, and meditation teacher engaged in bringing mindfulness into the mainstream of medicine and society. He is Professor of Medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he founded its world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic (in 1979), and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society (in 1995).
  42. The Mindful Center – The Mindful Center was created by a father-daughter team, with their programs and guided meditations refined over 25 years of meticulous practice, heartfelt effort, and the ever-giving lessons of meditation-in-action from the thousands of Mindful Center students.
  43. Every Bite is Divine – Annie B. Kay, MS, RD, LDN, RYT, is a unique voice as a writer, speaker, innovator and educator. She is Lead Nutritionist at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA and author of Every Bite Is Divine.
  44. Dr. John La Puma – Dr John La Puma offers accountable weight loss and cholesterol control personal medical programs in Santa Barbara, California with follow-up by phone nationwide.
  45. Mindful Nutrition Seattle – Minh-Hai is a registered dietitian and certified health and wellness coach. Her passion is helping people learn how to eat in a way that feels good physically, mentally and emotionally – without dieting, guilt or deprivation.
  46. Eat Naked Now – Founded by Margaret Floyd, author of Eat Naked: Unprocessed, Unpolluted and Undressed Eating for a Healthier, Sexier You, Eat Naked Now is about removing the barriers we create between us and the world around us, living in harmony with our environment, our communities, our families, our selves.
  47. The Savor Blog – Dedicated to sharing the knowledge and wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the best-known and most-respected Zen masters in the world today, poet, and peace and human rights activist, and Dr. Cheung, Lecturer, Director of Health Promotion & Communication and Editorial Director of The Nutrition Source website at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition..
  48. Linda Bacon – Linda Bacon, Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized authority on topics related to nutrition, weight and health. A nutrition professor and researcher, she holds graduate degrees in physiology, psychology, and exercise metabolism, with a specialty in nutrition, has conducted federally funded studies on diet and health, and is well-published in top scientific journals.
  49. Binge Eating and Bulimia – Dr. Gupta created this site to share research on binge eating and bulimia within weeks of publication in leading scientific journals. She is a licensed clinical pscyhologist specializing in the treatment of eating/weight issues and anxiety disorders in New York City at Tribeca Psychology.
  50. Christie Inge – Christie created this site to help create a world where every single woman on the planet knows that she is whole and good, right now. That she is her own best life adviser. And that, she really can live in alignment with her soul’s purpose. All the while supporting the people and causes that she cares about.
  51. Food Politics – Marion Nestle is Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health (the department she chaired from 1988-2003) and Professor of Sociology at New York University.
  52. Mark Bittman – Mark Bittman, whose “Minimalist” column ran in the Dining section of the New York Times for more than 13 years, is a Times Opinion columnist, the lead food writer for The Times Magazine, and a columnist for the Times Dining section.
  53. Mindless Eating – Brian Wansink – Brian Wansink (Ph.D. Stanford 1990) is the John Dyson Endowed Chair in the Applied Economics and Management Department at Cornell University, where he directs the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. He is the lead author of over 100 academic articles and books on eating behavior, including the best-selling Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (2006) along with Marketing Nutrition (2005), Asking Questions (2004), and Consumer Panels (2002).
  54. 100 Days of Real Food – At the beginning of 2010 our eating habits were just like those of any other average family. We thought we were making fairly healthy food choices, although we certainly weren’t following any special rules. Then came along the Oprah show “Food 101 with Michael Pollan”. After the show, Jason and I (Lisa) both decided to read Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food” which ended up being life changing for us. As it turned out, a lot of what we thought were “healthy” food choices were actually just highly processed and what the food industry was labeling as “healthy.”

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