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What Do You Gain?

I’m honored to be part of your journey to more mindful eating! Here’s what you can expect from me:

You can count on me to:

  • Simplify the complex and challenging world of food habits and change
  • Provide you with motivation and encouragement (no judgments allowed here!)
  • Create a helpful and concrete plan for improving the quality of your eating, life and body image
  • Show you how to be more at peace with food
  • Help you to feel more in charge of your eating habits and enjoy food again like it is meant to be

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The “Mindful Eating” Manifesto

by Dr. Susan Albers

Being nourished and well fed is critical to being at your
best—to focus, create, innovate, authentically connect,
and simply be the most amazing you. The first step
to healthy eating is to focus more on how you eat than
what you eat. It’s perfectly okay to enjoy delicious food
in a mindful way. When prepared well, healthy food
is stunningly delicious and filling to the belly, and it
exposes “junk food” as the highly processed, pumped
with artificial fluff that it is. The comfort food brings is
disappointingly fleeting. Hunger can be deceptive, and
mindfulness can help distinguish emotional from true
physical hunger. Whether you eat, snack, munch, dine,
or take just one bite, always, always keep your mindful
inner light switched on.
—Susan Albers, PsyD

About Dr. Susan Albers


I’ve been a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for 12 years, media consultant, national speaker and a NYT bestselling author. I’m known as the “Mindful Eating Doctor.” You’ve likely seen me on the Today Show, Dr. Oz or quoted in Shape, People, Prevention or Health Magazine. I believe in making habit change simple so you can enjoy your relationship with food again. I’m also on a mission to empower over a million people to stop fad dieting and start eating mindfully. I want you to be one of them! Thanks for joining me.