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Hanger Management

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What Is Hanger Management?

40 Easy, Practical, Fun Mindful Eating Tips to Help You Choose Food That Increase Your Focus, Concentration & Boost Your Mood 

Who Is This Book For?

Everyone! We all get hangry and irritable when we don’t eat mindfully! 

Why Do People Get Hangry? 

We get hangry when we are 

  • Too busy to eat well 
  • Stress or overwhelmed by life!
  • Confused about which foods to eat!
  • Have daily habits that lead to mindless eating
  • Have a damaged relationship to food from dieting 

Who Is Dr. Susan Albers?

Dr. Susan Albers is a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic & New York Times Best-Selling author on mindful eating.

She was inspired to write this book to share her families (and her own!) stories and tips on overcoming hanger. She also delves into the stories and strategies her clients use to choose foods to boost their mood, stop stress eating and eat more mindfully everyday. Join her on this journey to banishing hanger for good!

“We’ve all been there – tired, cranky, and hangry. Now, with Dr. Susan Albers’s expert advice, we can prevent hanger before it strikes so our bodies stay nourished, our minds stay clear, and our emotions stay even-keeled. Manage your hunger before it manages you!”—Mark Hyman MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Why Should I Buy It NOW?

Right now I am giving away

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For $28.00 (less than the cost of pizza delivery for the family), you will receive tips, tricks, and solutions to create mindful eating habits for your family. Plus, learn the science behind it all!


Here’s What You’ll Get!

Readers Club Guide

Best Snacks to Prevent Hanger Downloadable Guide

Hanger Management Workshop:  YOUR TICKET TO AN ONLINE CLASS 

Hanger Management Companion Journal: 40 Journal Prompts

Hanger Door Hanger

10 Hangry & Mindful Eating Emojis for your mobile phone/social media 

Calm & Cool and Collected Program. 10 Natural Ways to Calm Down Instantly


Hanger Management can help us all get a handle on our hunger so it doesn’t get the best of us. No one knows mindful eating better than Dr. Susan Albers, and here, she’ll give you her best tips and tricks to keep your body nourished and your mind sharp for a healthier and happier life.”

—Dr. Josh Axe, author of Keto Diet

“The demands of our modern world distance us from meaningful connection to our decisions in terms of what, how, and when we eat.  And we are clearly seeing the health consequences of this unfortunate separation. Hanger Management graciously welcomes mindfulness back to our eating experience, and this may prove to be the most potent nutrient of all.”

—David Perlmutter, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Wash