Emotional vs. Physical Hunger Infographic - Can you tell when you are physically vs. emotionally hungry? It’s not easy!! Here is an infographic to help walk you through the signs and more importantly what to do about it. Click here to download the infographic.
Mindful Eating Awareness Checklist - Download an Awarenesschecklist
Mindful Eating App-NEW! - This app has 6 features to help you eat more mindfully! See instructions here on youtube: Log into the App Store and type in “mindful eating” Look for the red icon with an apple.
What is Mindful Eating?–new! - Brief powerpoint, youtube of Dr. Susan Albers answering this question. Click on this link: What is Mindful Eating?
New! Mindful-Eating-O-Meter - Mindfulmeter This handout can help you to identify your mindful and mindless eating triggers. Print it out, fill in and hang in an easy to see location (click on green Mindfulmeter link above)
New Body Image Lecture 2013 - Book a lecture today! email:
40 Mindful Eating Mantras-Free Download - This is a list of 40 Mindful Eating Mantras. Mantras are statements that you repeat to yourself to keep your mind pointed in a helpful direction. Many of these mantras are contributed by mindful eating marathoners (see www.facebook/com.eatdrinkmindful for info and to contribute yours to the next list) Click here to download this list MindfulMantras. […]
26.2 Mindful Eating Marathon Tips! -
10 Day Mindful Eating Challenge - Download chart to write down daily progress and your goal: Mindful Eating Chart (click here)
Mindful Eating Tools - Tools you can use to help you or your clients eat more mindfully. Hunger Scale Three Steps to Mindful Eating Handout 7 Mindful Eating Tips Handout Mindful Eating Workshops Mindful Eating Research (Mindful Eating Quiz) UCLA Relaxation Counting Bites Seven Habits of the Mindful Eater The Four Foundations of Eating Mindfully Mindful Eating Acceptance Affirmations
Mindfulness - Mindfulness of your eating. Centre for Mindfulness Center for Mindfulness, Health Care and Society UCLA (relaxation & mindful meditation) FREE report on the benefits of mindfulness
Healthy Eating - Healthy eating tools. Eating Well Magazine
Body Image & Self-Esteem - This is a list of new body image tools and websites: Adios Barbie Operation Beautiful Video: Evolution, Dove Ad Body Image Journal
Eating Mindfully in Spanish - EatingMindfullyinSpanish10 Tips for Eating Mindfully (in Spanish) FREE HANDOUT
Mindful Thinking Quiz - NEW! Free Quiz: Do Your Thoughts Stand in the Way of Healthy Eating? 10 Questions Quiz: Do your thoughts get in the way of eating healthier? Do you tell yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow” or, “I’m too stressed out” to eat well. Take this quiz to see what kind of mental roadblocks might be stopping […]