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What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is not a diet. There are no menus or recipes. It is being more aware of your eating habits, the sensations you experience when you eat, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. It is more about how you eat than what you eat. -Susan Albers

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Examples of Mindless Eating:

Do these habits sound familiar?

  • Eating until you are too full and then feeling guilty
  • Emotional eating – eating when you are bored, stressed or anxious rather than hungry
  • Grazing on food without really tasting it
  • Mindlessly munching on snacks while zoned out in front of the TV
  • Eating a meal at the same time each day whether you are hungry or not
  • Skipping meals, not paying attention to your hunger signals


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5 Benefits of a Mindful Eating Approach

  • It’s not a diet. Fad diets don’t work!
  • Decreases stress, which in turn, reduces emotional eating
  • Scientifically researched(click here for references)
  • Heals a wide range of eating issues
  • Helps you manage your weight without staving or restricting

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Download this Mindful Eating Poster:  The 10 Best Mindful Eating Quotes

Hang on your refrigerator!  Or use as a handout.

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